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genXpired releases first single "Friends"

Here's to friendships that went south, to the best buddy that dumped you like yesterday’s garbage. What happened? Probably nothing, but who cares? We know it wasn’t your fault, because it never is. Some friendships are just destined to flop.

genXpired (n.)

1.) A generation fast approaching its “best before" date.

2.) A music project by Freddie Schuster.

Friends promo card cassette tape_edited.png
FR13ND5 (Back CoverArt)

Freddie Schuster,
the man behind genXpired

20221108_170703 filter.jpg

Born and raised on the mean streets of Vienna, Freddie Schuster (aka Freddie Heart; self-identifies as “The Brain”) has been a rocker from the start.


Alas, growing up in Austria, he never stood a chance of hitting it big. Trust us- this is a place where as of 2022, Billy Ocean is still in heavy rotation. 

Not one to be deterred by the bad taste of mainstream radio, he’s been shredding in various bands since the 80’s, and hasn’t looked back.

genXpired is his latest project and first solo endeavor. More than music, it’s an antidote to the clusterf*ck of our times. It’s also Freddie’s instrument to tell the world what they don’t need to know, but should know.

© genXpired 2022
Photo: K. Ardizone
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